Dev Ops

From tool selection via integration to operations

New times present new challenges – and so the traditional areas of software development (DEVelopment) and system administration (OPerations) are merging more and more to meet the requirements of automation, self-service or agility – the DevOps were born.

Whether the topic is continuous development, continuous integration, platform as a service, or infrastracture as a code, our experienced team of specialists not only helps you select the right tools, but also helps you integrate and run the required services and applications.

The days of careless handling of computing resources and monolithic architectures are long gone. Agility, microservices, scalability, portability, and the value of using just available resources have long been state-of-the-art. Classic virtualization has taken the first important step toward standardizing IT processes and making better use of resources. The next logical step was and is the expansion to container.

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