Development: We give structure and security to your data

For more than a decade, we have been the specialists when it comes to giving modern software a clear, secure, and maintainable architecture. Depending on the topic, we draw from a large pool of suitable technologies and frameworks. We assist you in the selection of the appropriate backend systems, enhanced by experienced big data and analytics pioneers where business intelligence and analytics are required. By using proven technological platforms, we can also ensure the appropriate governance in the implementation of such projects. When you think of a new app, we offer a well-engineered solution, tailored to your requirements.

- Johannes Litschauer / CEO

Our cross-industry experience and our broad technological pool make individual, innovative solutions with proven platforms and tools possible.

- Johannes Litschauer / CEO

Development Services

Your personal contact partners

Markus Stangl
Executive Vice President / Enterprise Application Development
Head of department development using Enterprise Applications
Ronald Klaudus
Executive Vice President / Microsoft Technology
Head of department development using
Jürgen Ritschka-Kohl
Executive Vice President / Data Integration MarkLogic
Leading in the topic of big data using MarkLogic
Gregor Sieber
Executive Vice President / Consulting and Innovation
Gregor is in charge of a portfolio of projects and consulting activities in areas such as data analytics, content, NoSQL/search, and AI. He manages some of our key technology partnerships and their successful implementation in customer projects.

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