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Analysis, Consulting: Best practices on the path to digitisation

An orderly and well-executed path to digitisation is a great opportunity for your company. New markets can be tapped, new business models can be developed and new products can be delivered. At EBCONT, we accompany you in this transformation process, while delivering mature project management according to best practices in all phases of your journey. We support you in data analysis, transformation and consumption with our in-house Data Scientists and Data Engineers using modern techniques and technologies to realise your digitisation strategy.

- Alexander Deles / CEO

We usually become a strategic partner for our clients because we understand them and move them forward together with technological innovation.

- Alexander Deles / CEO

Analysis/Consulting Services

Your personal contact partners

Harald Kerck
Division Manager / Head of Project Management
Head of department project management
Gregor Sieber
Executive Vice President / Consulting and Innovation
Gregor is in charge of a portfolio of projects and consulting activities in areas such as data analytics, content, NoSQL/search, and AI. He manages some of our key technology partnerships and their successful implementation in customer projects.
Paolo Quinci
Head of Business Analysis
Specialized in business analysis and requirements engineering