AI, Big Data and Search

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AI, Big Data and Search: The key to Digital Transformation

EBCONT provides a team of experts to bring AI and Big Data to your business. We build on many years of experience across industries and offer a selected portfolio of technologies in addition to services. Whether it is data analysis, the creation of machine learning models or the integration of your data in a Big Data platform to build new applications: with EBCONT you have the right partner.

- Gregor Sieber / Executive Vice President / Consulting and Innovation

AI is no longer just dreams of the future and speculation. There are now solutions that are relevant for many companies and can be implemented in a manageable period of time. This often results in a decisive competitive advantage. It is crucial to have an implementation partner who both understands the underlying mathematical methods and brings a holistic view of the customer's business processes.

- Gregor Sieber / Executive Vice President / Consulting and Innovation

AI and Data Science Services

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Gregor Sieber
Gregor is in charge of a portfolio of projects and consulting activities in areas such as data analytics, content, NoSQL/search, and AI. He manages some of our key technology partnerships and their successful implementation in customer projects.