YOU ARE EPIC at the Gamescom 22
Ilse Merkinger-Boira
September 14, 2022
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YOU ARE EPIC at the Gamescom 22

Under the EBCONT flag, YOU ARE EPIC is a new advertising platform that is actually much more than that and also makes the world a little better!

Under the EBCONT flag, YOU ARE EPIC is a new advertising platform that is actually much more than that and also makes the world a little better!

Especially in these times, the topic of donations is increasingly in focus. And with it the question of how donations can be optimized in such a way that everyone involved benefits. YOU ARE EPIC have created a solution for this that is as simple as it is ingenious: a new advertising platform that brings together gaming fans, advertisers and charity companies – and makes the world a little better in the process. A very likeable approach, which is driven by a small core team in a start-up manner under the flag of the IT service provider EBCONT.

Why is that?

The idea generator Georg Hertner (IT Consultant at EBCONT in his main job) describes it like this: “What has been on my mind since my childhood is the question of how – in the moment of the highest feeling of happiness – you can do good things for others (fellow people). These feelings of happiness are so-called “epic moments”, where you slowly realize “this is going very well right now” or when you realize a sudden turn of events, “wow, I can still do it!” Such a feeling can only be increased, if you let others participate, if you can help others – that is the fulfillment, you could almost say it is a basic need and fills us with happiness…"

Was ist ein Epic Moment

In numerous, intensive discussions with customers, gaming developers and charity organizations, processes were optimized, technical hurdles were identified and solved and the platform was transferred to the beta phase.


EBCONT’s core team has developed a new, accurate advertising format using future digital technologies (AI, machine learning, etc.), which – in addition to the benefit for consumers and advertisers – by redirecting advertising money to meaningful projects – also has a benefit created in the real world.

YOU ARE EPIC recognizes the epic moments, the special game successes, in the course of the gamer’s game. In this positive mood immediately after the epic moment, the appropriate advertising message is played out and at the same time the satisfaction of the social need “to do good” is made possible.

It’s exciting for branded companies because it enables consumers to have an intensive and positive experience with a brand, which can be used to increase brand loyalty. Advertising that is not only tolerated but accepted by all sides; Advertising has seldom been so likeable.

We rock the Gamescom 22

On Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 the next big step: YOU ARE EPIC presented its concept to a broad specialist audience for the first time at Gamescom in Cologne. And so much can already be revealed, the response was great!

You are epic Team bei der Gamescom

The team around YOU ARE EPIC was able to convince over 30 potential gamers and publishers of the charity concept to generate donations with EPIC Moments (these are special game moments in which the gamer has achieved something really great). Some gaming studios were so enthusiastic about the concept that they would have liked to have integrated the service immediately.

Back in Austria, it’s now time to work through the valuable contacts and take the next step towards our vision of “making the world a little bit better with EPIC Moments”.

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