EBCONT shows the benefits of AI in practical use.
Frederick Bednar
November 30, 2023
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EBCONT shows the benefits of AI in practical use.

Since the introduction of Chat GPT at the latest, digitalization and artificial intelligence in particular have arrived in the middle of society and have thus become tangible and applicable for the general public without dedicated AI knowledge.

Sensible and secure

However, the sensible use of generative AI in conjunction with the secure use of company data is one of today's key challenges. Above all, it is essential to process your own information securely and to retain data sovereignty. On the other hand, the results should be meaningful and not misleading. In addition to its own developments, EBCONT also relies on collaboration with its partner network. Elastic's generative AI (GKI) approach, for example, offers a tool for enriching previously created generative models with private data in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner. "It is crucial to have implementation partners who both understand the underlying mathematical methods and have a holistic view of the customer's business processes," says Gregor Sieber, Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation at EBCONT.

How can AI help?

But given the wealth of possibilities, how can I as a company find out whether AI can help me in practical use? 

There are simple ways to check whether cloud-based ideas work quickly and conveniently as a test version and can be expanded on a large scale later. Nevertheless, we need to ask ourselves which model is best suited to the problem. Hybrid approaches could be a good solution here, especially because traditional machine learning models work well in self-managed systems and can deliver reliable results.

This means that in such an approach, both cloud-based technologies and traditional, self-managed systems are combined to take advantage of both approaches. This can mean, for example, that certain parts of a system are hosted in the cloud, while other parts are operated locally or in in-house data centers. This combination enables a flexible and optimal solution that utilizes both the scalability of the cloud and the reliability of traditional systems.

AI as part of an overall system

However, AI should not be considered in isolation, but as part of an overall system that is scalable on the one hand, but as user-friendly as possible on the other. This is the only way to ensure that the use of AI in a company is supported and supported by all users, and EBCONT's team of experts can help with this, be it in machine learning and data topics, UX/UI, architecture or project management and business analysis. 

AI as a solution in many business areas

In the manufacturing industry, for example, simple recommendation systems (so-called recommenders) lead to a significantly more precise target group definition for products. The supply chain and its relationships can be mapped using graphs so that the effects of a change in the supply chain are immediately visible and measures can be taken or simulations run.

For banks and insurance companies and in the field of cyber security, graph-based solutions help to uncover previously unknown patterns to prevent fraud or hacker attacks. 

Combining previously trained language models with company data opens up new possibilities for seamless and automated documentation and optimized searches in archives, leading to significant improvements in the use of existing data and documents in service, sales, marketing and customer support.

In the healthcare sector, the use of synthetically generated training data will play a greater role in terms of data security, especially when it comes to not having to use sensitive data directly, but being able to simulate it and still obtain reliable results.

Last but not least, the public sector is increasingly benefiting from the practical use of artificial intelligence. The Federal Ministry of Justice's solution, which won the eAward 2022 in the field of "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence", enables courts to exchange information efficiently and transparently. At the same time, data protection and citizens' personal rights are guaranteed (Learn more: https://www.bmj.gv.at/ministerium/aktuelle-meldungen/Einsatz-von-k%C3%BCnstlicher-Intelligenz-bei-der-Anonymisierung-von-Gerichtsentscheidungen--Justiz-gewinnt-eAward-2022.html).

eAward EBCONT 2022

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