KSV1870 and Schrack Seconet – Customers in the spotlight
Ilse Merkinger-Boira
January 24, 2024
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KSV1870 and Schrack Seconet – Customers in the spotlight

"Customer Experiences in the Spotlight" is the new motto at EBCONT. For many years, companies like Schrack Seconet or KSV1870 have been working in partnership with our teams. The secret to success lies in sustainability and tailor-made solutions.

Sustainable partnerships through tailored solutions: The ongoing collaboration with renowned clients such as Schrack Seconet or KSV1870 paves the way for the development of individually customized solutions. These solutions are characterized by outstanding technological expertise to meet specific requirements. The result of this customer-centric approach is sustainable partnerships of lasting value.

KSV1870 recommends EBCONT and values the expertise

One of EBCONT's longest client partnerships is with KSV1870. The company, also known as Credit Protection Association of 1870, is one of the oldest credit reporting agencies in Austria. It provides credit assessments and debt collection services to assist businesses in evaluating the creditworthiness of customers and in managing debt and collections. KSV1870 develops software for its specialized areas as well as for highly specific systems that require particular support. In this regard, EBCONT provides valuable assistance.

Gerhard Wagner, Managing Director of KSV1870, explains what makes the collaboration successful: "We have been working successfully with EBCONT for two decades and can recommend this collaboration. When an Austrian company is facing significant internal changes, especially in the technical and organizational aspects, I can highly recommend EBCONT: the company, due to its impressive development over the last 20 years, has the necessary expertise, size, and resources to successfully overcome any challenge. At the end of the day, what matters is success and results, and the EBCONT team has proven this in our long-standing collaboration."

Gerhard Wagner, Managing Director

Schrack Seconet values creativity and transparency

As a company within the Securitas Group Switzerland, the austrian company Schrack Seconet specializes in security solutions and systems. The range includes fire protection, access control, building automation, and communication systems, delivering innovative products and services to enhance the safety and efficiency of buildings, including fire alarm systems, voice evacuation systems, video surveillance systems, and access control systems.

"Thanks to the collaboration with EBCONT, we have expanded our knowledge in the field of digital applications, web applications, and mobile device apps. It was crucial for us to work with a partner who enables us to grow in the development of these topics," says Thomas Kern, Head of PM & CoE at Schrack Seconet, expressing confidence in EBCONT's performance."

And Gerlinde Scholler, Head of PMM, emphasizes the interpersonal aspect in the years-long collaboration: 'Collaboration, communication, and interaction with each other are as important as having someone you can rely on. It is this professional and highly structured approach combined with creativity and the joy of exchanging ideas with us as clients that makes it so special. The result is tangible transparency and enthusiasm in our joint projects. And we're not just speaking from our perspective as a customer: when our counterparts also enjoy the process, then everyone benefits from the collaboration.'"

Schrack Seconet
Thomas Kern, Head of PM and CoE and Gerlinde Scholler, Head of PMM