Where also salary satisfaction matters! 
EBCONT in the Salary Satisfaction Ranking Top 10!
Ilse Merkinger-Boira
March 11, 2024
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Where also salary satisfaction matters! EBCONT in the Salary Satisfaction Ranking Top 10!

Looking for attractive employers? The ,,Salary Satisfaction” ranking by the German SZ Institute in collaboration with kununu provides guidance on which companies truly impress their employees. kununu, in partnership with the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), has identified the top companies in Germany and Austria with the "Top Salary Satisfaction 2024" ranking. We are proud to be among Austria's top 10!

Psychology in the Workplace: Salary as a Key Factor for Increased Satisfaction and Productivity

The "Top Salary Satisfaction Austria 2024" ranking presents an impressive selection of companies distinguished by outstanding salary satisfaction among their employees. The top ten reflect the diversity of the Austrian work landscape, with the intriguing observation that service, human resources, internet, and IT industries perform particularly well, placing multiple companies in top positions.

The results extend beyond a simple ranking, providing a detailed insight into various industries that reflect the diversity of the work environment in Germany and Austria. This breakdown allows both employees and companies to analyze and compare salary satisfaction in specific sectors systematically.

For job seekers, the ranking serves as a valuable resource to identify potential employers in their preferred sector who not only offer financial recognition but also provide a supportive work environment.

How was salary satisfaction determined?

For the "Top Salary Satisfaction Ranking 2024," clear quantitative and qualitative selection criteria were used. Only companies in Germany and Austria with an existing kununu employer profile, at least 20 reviews (of which five were in the last twelve months) in relevant categories, and at least five listed job titles were considered. A total of 6,550 companies in Germany and 1,049 companies in Austria were selected.

Qualitative criteria required a score of at least 3.5 stars in relevant kununu categories, a salary position above average for at least 50 percent of the stated job titles, and a recommendation rate of at least 70 percent.

Johannes Litschauer, Managing Director of EBCONT, is delighted with the confirmation:

"We are extremely proud to be among the top ten companies in Austria in the 'Top Salary Satisfaction Ranking 2024' by kununu and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. We see this as confirmation of our focus as an employee-oriented company that places particular emphasis on a positive work atmosphere and fairness in the workplace."