Ukraine – It's the people that count
Ilse Merkinger-Boira
January 12, 2023
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Ukraine – It's the people that count

Respect and support to Ukraine

What is important in these challenging times is cohesion, empathy and mutual helpfulness. We also try to align ourselves with this in our daily activities at EBCONT.

It's now a year since the war broke out in Ukraine and we are trying to help where we can. For us, as a company with colleagues from almost 40 nations, it is an affair of the heart.

In order to help those in need in Ukraine quickly and without any bureaucracy, we support CARITAS with five-digit donations, most recently with €10,000 for the Kharkiv region.

We provide EBCONT real estate for accommodation - we are currently accommodating several families, and last year we tried to bring some everyday Austrian life closer to the personal destinies and people of our country with an in-house German course for refugees belonging to EBCONT members.

Employees from Ukraine receive time credits to help friends and relatives, and we support them with administrative, school or other complex issues.

The EBCONT intranet contains important links to aid organizations as well as FAQs on legal issues relating to benefit entitlements, health insurance and e-cards.

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Because at EBCONT it's the people counts that count!