EBCONT group - a new era of corporate management
Ilse Merkinger-Boira
May 8, 2023
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EBCONT group - a new era of corporate management

EBCONT group - top 3 IT service provider in Austria - strengthens with immediate effect with Claudia Fischer as CFO and Markus Stangl as COO the management CEO trio around Johannes Litschauer, Alexander Deles and Leopold Machacek.

A company is only as strong as the managers who steer it. For this reason, the recent appointments of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer) at IT service provider EBCONT are crucial for the future of the family-owned company.

Claudia Fischer CFO EBCONT

As the new CFO, Claudia Fischer brings an impressive track record and a wealth of experience that will support the Austrian IT company EBCONT in the years to come. With a background in finance, taxation and economics, she has been leading EBCONT's finance department for over 4 years and together with her team is responsible for both strategic and operational national and international finance and accounting, including bookkeeping, invoicing, time recording, payroll, controlling, taxation and SAP.

Markus Stangl COO EBCONT

Markus Stangl in his role as the new COO is a true EBCONT veteran and has been on board since 2007, just a few years after the company was founded. The IT expert is responsible for the operational structure of the IT company and focuses on managing day-to-day operations and human resources, improving business processes and customer management, and ensuring that EBCONT teams work seamlessly together to maintain as well as further improve the customer experience for which the family-owned IT company has been valued for many years.

The appointments of Claudia and Markus signal another important step in the growth of the EBCONT group and are a clear sign of the appreciation and trust the company has in its colleagues from within its own ranks.

Johannes Litschauer, CEO of EBCONT: "Only with satisfied employees who can also develop accordingly will we be able to consolidate our position as market leader in the long term and continue to exist as a healthy and family-oriented company. And by encouraging colleagues to share ideas and perspectives, the company will be able to respond quickly to changes in the market and increase its competitiveness."