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Apps & e-learning for Thieme

Since 2010, EBCONT delivers the mission critical market applications for Thieme. Based on a central data processing platform with MarkLogic, the content from varying data sources is split, harmonized, enriched by semantic tools, and delivered to the different end user applications. Whether it’s for physicians, medical students or nursing staff, we provide different responsive web applications and apps for all necessary use cases. Combined with e-learning components, they cover continuing education in the medical sector from start to end.

Faster publishing for De Gruyter

With the launch of a MarkLogic based CMS at De Gruyter we enabled our customer to speed up the whole publishing process. Now, authors are part of a new digital workflow that allows them to work with an online editor wherever they are.

Digitizing publishing and content delivery for Cornelsen

We support Cornelsen in fully digitizing their publishing process and in serving a multitude of publishing channels, from different online channels to print. Interactive learning modules are created that follow standards like LTI (Learning Technology Interoperability) and xAPI (the Experience API). Cornelsen uses SiteFusion, a MarkLogic based CMS, to establish a standard publishing workflow.

Opening up the world of digital publishing for SKV-Verlag

We guide our customer Verlag SKV AG on their way to enter the world of publishing digital products. Besides consulting several strategic business domains we have a strong focus on operational development of their digital product line-up. Mapping existing business cases like purchasing, accounting, product or license management to a new, digital environment is also our field of responsibility as leading the development of their digital content processing and distribution platform - to support their customers in the process of digital teaching and learning.

Best-in-class process and solution with SiteFusion for Reguvis

We assist Reguvis to enter the digital publishing process for laws and regulations via SiteFusion, by digitally mapping their business processes and customizing the editor to their needs - to provide an excellent user experience to authorized users. Furthermore Reguvis will use SiteFusion for all of its magazines to deliver them to various digital channels and print, by using InDesign integration and the page planning feature. In the near future, Reguvis will layout, write and publish all of its magazines via sitefusions InDesign connection and its integrated page planning feature.

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