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Readiness for Growth – An architecture Ready for the Future

All customers are unique. EBCONT takes care to design solution architectures that fit the ideas, scale, and budget of their customers in the best possible way while ensuring readiness for growth. We build on the strengths of tools like MarkLogic, the industry-leading XML/NoSQL database, SiteFusion, the tightly integrated CMS system, or Fonto editor to give our customers technological superiority and allow for the delivery of faster, cost-effective, and highly performant solutions.

- Alexander Deles / CEO

Digitization will transform the global economy and has a high impact on business models for publishing and media. EBCONT helps organizations to open a world of unlimited possibilities by evolving their processes and products into technologically elegant and smart solutions–without losing uniqueness and the beauty of their content.

- Alexander Deles / CEO

Publishing Services

Tailored Solutions

As a full-service provider, we help to capture an idea, shape it into a design and architecture, build it, and operate it in a seamless solution.


Future-ready CMS and Authoring

We specialise in developing content management and authoring solutions that seamlessly integrate with your IT infrastructure and production systems.


Analytics & AI

EBCONT has built up significant expertise in the field of AI and Machine Learning. We are an implementation partner of leading AI and data analytics products.


Digital Content Apps & E-Learning Apps

Make the most of your content and break the barrier of traditional formats with a custom digital content app that best supports your customers information needs.


Success Stories

Learn more about how we customise solutions for our clients and why they rely on us as a trusted partner.


Your personal contact

Jürgen Ritschka-Kohl
Executive Vice President / Publishing & Media Integration Technologies
Over 10 years at EBCONT leading the Publishing & Media team - responsible for customer projects and leading the entire team in this area. In addition, Jürgen is in charge of data integration around MarkLogic.
Gregor Sieber
Executive Vice President / Consulting and Innovation
In charge of projects and consulting activities in data analytics, content, NoSQL/search, and AI. Managing some of our key technology partnerships and their successful implementation in customer projects.

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