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AI Strategy

In the process of becoming digitally transformed, companies need to evaluate how to adopt a data-driven approach to their business and where they can benefit from employing AI. Our consulting approach ensures the participation of all relevant stakeholders and makes use of presentations, innovation workshops and assessment methods to create a data and AI road map for the customer. Possible new business models, data governance and data quality are part of the agenda.

Data Science, data analysis, development of AI models

Do you need to segment your customer data to improve your sales targeting, automatically classify incoming support cases by topic or predict the best point in time for maintenance of hardware using sensor data? Our data science team will analyse the existing data and create the best-fitting AI model for your use case. This includes answering the important questions around the significance and robustness of the data set and resulting models.

Our expertise doesn’t end with numeric models. We have accumulated significant experience with unstructured data and natural language processing algorithms for text and speech. 

We work with state-of-the-art data science tool stacks such as Spark, python, R and make use of cloud services (e.g. Databricks) where needed. As a full service IT provider we take great care to ensure the proposed solutions take into account scalability, enterprise readiness and data security right from the start. Our set of standard deliverables makes the implementation process transparent and helps our customers to better market and explain their projects internally and externally.

End-to-end implementation of AI and Big Data solutions

Do you want to create new up-selling possibilities by combining data from different CRM and support tools with data from market intelligence providers into a single 360 degree view of your customers? Or does your marketing want to know how often a customer uses a certain functionality of an IoT device within a given context?

Most of the time, simply creating an AI model alone isn’t enough. Models and predictions need to be embedded into the digital and physical business processes that warranted their creation in the first place. We are experts in creating end-to-end software solutions that are well thought out from usability down to operations. For this we employ the knowledge of our experts in data science, UX, application / frontend development, and DevOps who will be able to solve even the most complex integrations.

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AI Products

Through our strategic partnerships such as AWS and Progress MarkLogic, we offer a selected portfolio of AI products.


Big Data

Digitisation not only leads to a competitive advantage, but also to large amounts of data that need to be managed.


Search & Semantics

Since Google and the smartphone, the search has often been the killer criterion for the success of a digital offer.