AI Products

AI Products

We offer a portfolio of AI and Big Data products as both a reseller and integrator of our strategic technology partners.

Machine learning for anomaly detection and data classification

As integrators and resellers of the Elastic Stack both in the free and the Gold/Platinum versions we offer a robust machine learning platform for detecting anomalies in almost any type of data. Our customers use this product for purposes such as the detection of trends and deviations in business data, or the detection of security incidents in log data and metrics. Contact us for a demo or a quote.

Platform for machine learning with neural networks and semantic search

Our partner product Pogress helps you to store and semantically enrich your unstructured data and access it using a best-in-class search engine. This allows you to track the mentioning of organizations across your data and analyse their relationships across linguistic variations. Progress MarkLogic features a built-in “triple store” that allows storage and querying of semantic information in addition to the schema-free XML or JSON documents within its database. Using the built-in ONNX compliant machine learning engine, AI models can be calculated and used directly within the platform. Progress MarkLogic can be combined with taxonomy editors such as PoolParty or SmartLogic and serves as the database of choice in a large number of our projects.

Cloud-based AI solutions on Azure and AWS

As a premium partner of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, we’re able to offer the right products and use them to build elegantly fit solutions for our customers. We’ve specialized in employing the AI services available on Azure and Amazon Web Services such as image recognition, machine translation, text to speech and can offer them as a managed service. In addition to machine learning our services also include areas such as Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence built on scalable cloud architectures.

AI-based automation of document accessibility to help your organization become compliant and inclusive

For many organizations, it is an obligation to process both scanned and computer generated documents in a way that they fulfill the legal requirements for accessibility such as EAA, Section 508 or WCAG. As the European partner for Codemantra’s accessibilityInsight™ we offer an exclusive, AI-based solution to automatically upgrade documents to conform with standards such as the European Accessibility Act.

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