Scrum Master Logbook

The Scrum Master’s workbook for Journaling & Self-reflection

What is the Logbook for Scrum Masters?

A book to support Scrum Masters in their daily work with teams towards more mindfulness and self reflection.

✔️Your personal assistant for 16 Sprints
✔️Experiments regarding mindfulness and appreciation
✔️Sharpens your skills as Scrum Master!


The logbook for Scrum Masters is a support for mindfulness and self-reflection in the daily business with teams and is based on the Coaching Logbook by Daniel Meier ( and the 6-Minute Journal by Dominik Spenst (

An agile team uses retrospectives to reflect and improve the way they work together. But what could a Scrum Master do to reflect on his/her work and progress?

This logbook can support Scrum Masters to think about their very own work and assists in strengthening self-awareness. The solution focused questions aim to think about strengths and skills that are already in place and to build awareness where Scrum Masters can improve and extend their existing knowledge and skills.

Thomas Mantsch / Agile & Lean Thought Leader

The logbook can support you in your development as a Scrum Master. It will assist you for 16 sprints. Additionally you are invited for experiments towards more mindfulness and appreciation to sharpen your skills as a Scrum Master.

Thomas Mantsch / Agile & Lean Thought Leader

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