Individual Software Development.


Core Technologies

EBCONT feels at home in many technologies. With more than 250 consultants on board, it is one of our primary goals to offer only technologically state-of-the-art solutions and to look outside the box.

Our customers and their projects always come first: only those tools are applied that ensure efficiency and sustainability for the achievement of the objectives. To ensure this, we exclusively use enterprise ready technologies, which stand for security, scalability and maximum compatibility.



Talend delivers a unified platform for application integration and data integration, allowing us and our customers to increase business productivity, get in production faster, and concentrate on the business need instead of technical details, all backed by a profound open-source based integration platform. As part of the Talend Data Fabric, Talend Application Integration provides a high-speed services backbone that enables rapid setup of a service-oriented architecture to connect, mediate, and manage services in real-time or do simple application integration in smaller contexts with the same toolset and runtime. EBCONT is a Talend partner.


Semantic Enrichment

Using semantic annotation and natural language processing tools, we can turn your data into knowledge. EBCONT is able to deliver solutions both on an open source technology stack, as well as on the basis of PoolParty, a leading semantic technology suite that delivers sharply focused solutions with quick time-to-production cycles.


XML Content Management

In addition to tailored solutions for managing your content, we are proud to be the European partner of RSuite, the high-end CMS for XML-based assets on top of MarkLogic. RSuite is being used by top of the line publishing companies across the globe to manage and publish content with a high focus on re-use and multi channel output. Our development team has successfully integrated with web editors such as XEditor for a streamlined user experience.

Big Data, Search & Analytics.


To any company trying to get started with a big data use case - be it due to the heterogeneous nature, velocity, or scale of their data, or the need for extend search or analytics capabilities - the set of available tools and products available on the market can be overwhelming.

Building on our experience in the field, we understand that different needs require different tools. We help you make the right technology decisions and ensure that applications we build for you are on a future-proof and scalable basis. Our portfolio includes:


Converged Data Platform: MapR

The MapR converged data platform is the enterprise grade solution for scaling out your data cost-efficiently while being able to ingest, analyse and process in real time. Using our experience in the MapR tool stack (e.g. MapR Streams, Spark, Storm, Hive, Drill) we are able to deliver both massive processing as well as advanced analytics and data science applications on a single platform that still remains accessible to your legacy applications using the MapR NFS connector. EBCONT is a MapR preferred partner.


Enterprise NoSQL: MarkLogic

The only enterprise NoSQL and XML database on the market, MarkLogic has helped us deliver successful projects across industries as the main distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Open Source NoSQL: MongoDB

MongoDB’s flexible schema, integrated aggregations and support for time series data combined with its long time on the market make it a perfect candidate for a host of NoSQL scenarios.


Search: Elastic

At EBCONT, we take search seriously. Using ElasticSearch and other components of the Elastic stack we have successfully implemented solutions ranging from blazing-fast in-app search to Enterprise Search applications spanning hundreds of millions of heterogeneous documents continuously updated from the company’s core data providers such as email, file sharing, user directories and intranet applications.